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I have launched an exciting ongoing new project on Patreon which will showcase rarely performed or recorded operatic works. Featuring composers well-known and obscure. Join me for the journey! Visit My Patreon Page


Litha Symphony Gala

I will be singing an excerpt from La Traviata for the 2015 Season Opening Fundraiser Gala of the Litha Symphony Orchestra

Featured Reviews


Violetta (our favorite opera heroine) was given an astonishing performance by soprano [Julia Radosz] whose brilliant soprano and thrilling … [more]

Another great acquisition of this production is the magnificent soprano [Julia Radosz], in the role of male Oscar that she knew to bring not only her … [more]

Julia Radosz in the Rivals

[Julia Radosz] was a properly dreamy, petulant Lydia. The New York Times, January 12, 2014- Steve Smith The key pairing of soprano [Julia … [more]


These stars suffered not one whit at close range. [Julia Radosz] (Helena) and Adrienne Blanks (Hermia) owned their roles as the embattled sweethearts … [more]

Julia Radosz - The Poisoned Kiss

[Julia Radosz] sang Tormentilla with a lovely lyric soprano that gave special resonance to the girl’s reflective utterances, like the amusing song in … [more]